Low Dose, Full Toke, Like Your Parents Used to S.moke

Dad Grass is reviving the m.ellow sensibility of the casual s.moke. Our 100% Organic p.re r.olled s.mokes serve up a clean buzz without the f.uss. Our special collections of merch and apparel pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. Past, present and future. Like your dad’s stash, we keep things easy and dependable, never fancy or complicated.

Customer Reviews

I love s.moking a j.oint but don’t always want to get stoned. These h.emp j.oints are super mellow

Dan, Brooklyn

I liked it for my work day vibes. Calms and centers me without totally knocking me out!

Marle, Los Angeles, CA

Gets you the right amount of calm without feeling like a slug. It's the s.moking equivalent of having a beer after work

Justin, New York, NY

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